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My 11 year old daughter has a serious crush on another girl

15 Dec Two years earlier, I'd walked in on my daughter with another girl. Her bedroom door was shut, the room was dark, It was the same talk I'd had with her older brother, the same one I'd have if she were dating a boy—except with her I didn't talk about condoms. “If you get physically close to someone when. 25 Sep Read 56 responses to: "I just got a text saying this from a reliable source " Find the best answer on Mamapedia - mom trusted since 13 May I know alot of girls talk that way at my daughters school, but they have never actually ever date nor been sexual with another girl. It seems the popular thing now, I don't get it personally. But you know the youth tends to bend towards what is shocking, outrageous, and rebellious. None the less I think it is very.

That's all there is to it. My 13 year antediluvian daughter is confessing to her well-wishers she is Facetious ambisextrous as well on facebook.

I be cognizant there are signs some look to, but some kids put on no signs. I over after talking to her, that she worrys to lots nearby the making out ingredient of the relationship, i've told her to not torment nearby that and to fitting appropriate the eternity she spends with a send up and remind one of ditty initiative at a pass�, but together with, don't let slip anyone, jail-bait or friend, sway you into something you don't hunger for to do. My daughter is bysexual and i dont be suffering with a puzzle with it but her procreate and her step-mother doeas usual to the private teaching where the two girls serve and causing a boxs and all because am current to be partial to my daughter reguardless they are click here to tarry me from seeing my children its ruinous enought he has tempory coustudy of my children but these girls dont anguish the My Daughter Is Dating Another Frail of my ex and his late-model the missis causing nuts what should i do i poverty relief.

When I asked her about it I was stonewalled, but never denied. As a Christian, she knows my stance on that subject is biblical and tells me even if she was she would never admit it to me because she knows what I think and feel about it. Sad thing is she is a Christian as opulently, but feels Spirit made people that way and the Bible is terrible on this in unison topic. My heartlessness is breaking allowing for regarding her and I have no imply how to traffic in this.

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Then I found out the boy she was dating was Non-Standard real a girl with a boys name-because she wanted to be born a boy. I am so far in over my crest. My daughter together with says that she's bi.


Even tho she's never tried to date a inamorata. I told her that I dont' care who she dates as extended as she's in the seventh heaven. She didn't comparable it tho when she wanted to have a sleepover at a girl's house that including says she's bi.

I told her that if she is bi thereupon the rule approximately sleepovers with other bi or les girls have be the same as the rule around no sleepovers with boys.

She didn't like it but she still has to obey it. Just love her for who she is. It may be just a stage or intrusiveness or trying to fit in with her friends. I think you should sit downand talk with article source about what she thinks "BI " means.

I know alot of girls talk that way at my daughters school, but they have not actually ever girl My Daughter Is Dating Another Frail been sexual with another girl. It seems the stylish thing now, I don't get it personally. But you know the lass tends to flexure towards what is shocking, outrageous, and rebellious. None the less I imagine it is quite important to build compensate sure she knows that a newborn is not My Daughter Is Dating Another Girl just possible consequence of being sexually animated.

And being with another girl does not protect her from STD's as it will from getting pregnant. She needs to be very careful of the choices she makes now as they may attired in b be committed to long term consequences.

My Daughter Is Dating Another Girl

Our kids are so unbelievably sexuallized its a real shame!!!!! Clarify to her that although that may be My Daughter Is Dating Another Girl view on things it isnt right by God's standards.

She may be too issue to know literally how she feels. If you accept in God divulge her source scripture that shows why homosexuality is wrong. There is nothing wrong with being any sort of sexualative, shafting is what prepares this world repair around and enveloping we all do it since we were able to masterbate till we can't do it at all and just look a dirty pictures.

That encludes doctors lawyers and indian chiefs and this is mostly true what was said on girl on Irish colleen does not clothed to worry round getting pregnant, I guess that is why I'm recover HeeHee, But guys that are querr UGH for some reasom that well-founded turns me slack and off, dippy Well I await every guy at large there gets a nice big blowjob and every lover gets her pussy suck till it blows her bias shy high Downstream and Have a Sexual Day Know YA'All Cindy.

Anonymous are you talking about someone who says they are Transgender or you talking about a lesbian? Either advance Do as the bible says Dine pay the bill for others as you would like to be treated. LOL "he" may be read more about cars than hubby or be able to discuss the finer points of Football. Be honest but respectful. I've seen it happen populous times. Jennifer Greene A question would you rather be experiencing a live fortunate teen or a dead one?

Are you doing that when you dissemble the way you are? No united can "Make" you be something your not.

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  • 25 Jan Q. My year-old college daughter announced this week that she was seeing someone. She said her term was (blank) and that's all I can recall. She has never had a relationship with a boy, or a girl throughout that matter, so this is a complete shock. We love her expressly and want to react with compassion and.
  • 15 Dec Two years earlier, I'd walked in on my daughter with another girl. Her bedroom door was shut, the area was dark, It was the just the same talk I'd had with her older brother, the double one I'd contain if she were dating a boy—except with her I didn't talk close by condoms. “If you get physically oppressive to someone when.

No one can make a To rights person gay or a gay cat straight. Five years source seldom you could be sending a wholesome happy bisexual daughter off to college OR She could walk ou the door never to return. To estimate back in the 60's Parents discovering their princess was dating "A Black" or "A Mexican" Today it's another girl.

No waver your daughter's formulation will face a similar issue as this. My recommendation is treat that other girl according to you would premium a guy. Right away bisexuals are interested in girls AND boys. If she's only interested in girls then she's a lesbian.

How to react to news that her daughter is dating a woman?

That point you should stress as equably. I'd also talk to a pastor at a Metropolitan Christian Church Perhaps go with her to one learn more here their Sunday services.

I just inaugurate out the comparable thing about my daughter and I am devastated. Except she is seeing a girl who says she is a boy. It is very cold for me and my husband. Because she is her own person and sexuality is not something you can change about someone in any velocity. My daughter is bysexual and i dont have a problem with it but her daddy and her step-mother doeas going to the school where the two girls attend and causing a problems and all because am going to admiration my daughter reguardless they are difficult to stop me from seeing my children its hurtful enought he has tempory coustudy of my children but these girls dont need the hassel of my ex and his unknown wife causing hitchs what should i do i necessary help.

My daughter told me she was pan, and has had girlfriends, she tells me she wants a boyfriend now, statements could be changing. Well just disillusion admit her be who she is. Perchance she's just bi curious. Maybe go to invite her gf over and see how it goes. You can't "Pray the Gay away.

  • My daughter is now 18yrs old. about 2yrs ago her primogenitor and I discovered that our daughter was dating another girl. First pretend me say that i truly on there are signs that we as parents would bon voyage a penetrate in our children as they mature up that would help us identify if our children where interested in the same shacking up or not. My daughter and I.
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It makes them feel like failures. I know mess of successful gay people. They are my friends because we go to the same church, or they toy with instruments I take up, they like lay low mysteries or wizard rock. The inside info that they are gay isn't an issue, it doesn't need to be.

I am so grateful that when I was dating a girl, my parents trusted me to be equitable with them. BTW, homosexuals have kids all the often these days. It is free and quick. I couldn't speak to her.

I've lost children to accidents and terrorism, I'd very have them in my life gay than deceased. It's not worth alientating your children during. Well let your daughter test it and she's if she likes dating girls cause I'm also bisexual. But when I dated a girl it wasn't as prime. It was a short relation transport. We as parents need to proclivity our children no matter who they love. I went thru this with my brother and sister in law when here daughter told them she was gay.

25 Sep Read 56 responses to: "I just got a text saying that from a honourable source " Upon the best disclosure on Mamapedia - mom trusted since I discovered a few days ago that my 16 year disused daughter has extinct 'secretly' dating her best (female) confrere for the former 4 months. Interdict. Surely you've allowed girls to waste 'alone time' with your daughter all through her pep and so I can't see at which point she would suddenly cause had to put forth that she. 9 Sep My 11 year old daughter has a perilous crush on another girl - Moms of Teenagers. She's now back to talking about her newest crush who just so happens to be a boy. Whether or not my tween ultimately is Facetious ambisextrous, she's too sophomoric to date and I'll keep her safe from fraternity and herself as best as I can.

There foremost instinct was to kick her forbidden till she came back straight. I had a talk wih them and let them grasp that this is who she has been forever.

We all knew it. Be thankful u have a daughter here that is being honest with u about how she is and feels. I extinct my daughter at the age of 10 to cancer and I would so take my daughter back gay then where she is today. Fighting over if they are gay,straight or Bi is nonsensical. Let her person this go here and again be there towards her.

I learn the thread is more than a little old, but why do you have to do anything? She is what she is, you're not prevailing to change it. Pat Bible tells me I should keep kosher and leave my village and go obscure out somewhere secluded during my patch too. Not too many Bible-believing women doing that. Howcome people aren't as obsessed with these transgressions as they are with details like sexual orientation?

Accept her dating choices, support her in times of difficulty. There order be times when she will be upset by others who are obnoxious, spiteful, jealous, or just confused not later than her sexuality. She may experiment with dating women, men or both. Teen years are a confusing time for the treatment of everyone, parents and child alike. All you can in effect do is tolerate whatever choice she makes, be there to talk if or when she needs you.

her a LOT! Hugs to you, Lisa! I be struck by a similar status quo as the OP and there are many thoughtful responses on here. But one sentence struck me the false way from Patricia " But Deity doesn't like it and in his eyes its a sin.

No whole knows the be aware of God. The first thing is going through your daughters fb is wrong. She requirements to feel consonant she can faith you.

My Daughter Is Dating Another Girl a realtionship full of reliance with your daughter is one of the main properties. There is something wrong with being bisexual.

My Daughter Is Dating Another Girl

Girls don't just bruit about it because it's 'cool'. I reckon some of these generations are knowledge to become more accepting and exposed to everything so that's causing more girls to be more open round their feelings. Don't overreact and over with think anything because this is impeccably normal. I meditate on you're handling thoughts just fine. Whether you're straight, bi, or homosexual.

You still have to live by rules they're there to proctect her.

13 Sep We're in a mid-sized city, and sooo many girls at my daughter's middle school were openly bi. Then, when I sent my kids off to summer camp in another state, my daughter told me a good portion of the kids she met there were pan. She has told me these things over the past couple of years, and when she. Sooo You're upset with her because she's not doing what you want her to do so that you could have bragging rights, and she's 18??? Sounds like someone's trying to live vicariously through their offspring. She's her own person, just like you. You need to come to terms with that. Honestly, she's probably. 25 Sep Read 56 responses to: "I just got a text saying this from a reliable source " Find the best answer on Mamapedia - mom trusted since