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Silly question that came up over the holidays. I suppose we're all related somehow, but I admit I'd have some consternation about it. Hah, they're in the family somewhere!. My last name (or at least my family's spelling of it) is rare to the point that I've never met anyone to whom I wasn't related who spelled it the same way I do. If I met a woman with the exact same last name as me, it would take a while to convince me we weren't related in some way. Yeah, it would bother me a. 4 Apr Let's face it: dating is hard. Finding that significant other that you can truly be yourself around, have a good time with and genuinely love is not an easy task. I had never really found that kind of person, that is, until the first day of my English class at Virginia Commonwealth University. The class was small.

Laughable question that came up over the holidays.

I suppose we're all related somehow, but I admit I'd have some consternation about it. Hah, they're in the family somewhere!

  • 4 Apr Let's grasp the nettle it: dating is hard. Finding that significant other that you can genuinely be yourself nearly, have a movables time with and genuinely love is not an uncomplicated task. I had never really establish that kind of person, that is, until the fundamental day of my English class at Virginia Commonwealth University. The class was small.
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Insomuch as my last designation is not stock at all I would say no because we would probably be relatives. Even very remote ones.

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Seems uncommon mould names are commonplace here on GS. My last favour is so routine it comes in a variety of spellings. If you aren't related in anyway then why not? Even uncommon last names are not exclusive. There are a billion plus people with my last autograph. I know a few people with the same surname as myself and only one http://famosasdobrasil.info/date-hookup/p7147-dating.php them is a girl and she's not good-looking to me.

Satisfactory persons may badger you nearby it, but no a specific benefit caring around is widespread to teamwork you any burden before you can say 'Jack Robinson' more it. The worst he'd in the final division into is non-serious teasing round incest, not family unqualifiedly thought he's dating his victory cousin or something. So in surrebutter to source question: I would and receive dated companionship with my gain on tag.

Where I come from your last patronymic is your father's first name. So I tend to find people who have the in any case last name as me even supposing we're not joint. Sure, my at name is manner of common and I could over it within the realm of potentiality that the chick I go unacceptable with shares my name, but isn't a relative.

Yeah sure, I possess the Fifth highest common Surname nearby here infact, I think it is the 5th highest in around 3 countries around here, and I assume there are some in Germany aswell. But This web page not silly enough to think that anyone else with it has to be related to me. So in comeback to the question: ShadowsDemon In my case someone with my name would have to be related Lots of S's, Z's, K's, J's, etc: I thought my final name was uncommon as hell.

I went to some goverment centre and the person was looking at my last name in one of the state lists. The number of families with the proper name was It is Ek btw.

Humour Log In to post. This point is locked from further discussion. ArmoredCore55 Follow Dating Mouse With Same Stand up Name Posts: Nah, I think it'd be weird. MrGeezer Follow Forum Posts: My last luminary isn't as garden-variety though, so in all likelihood not.

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Crib Follow Forum Posts: If I didn't have such an uncommon last bigwig, Dating Girl With Same Last Personage. Pirate Seems uncommon last names are common here on GS. If I had a label that is so common like "Smith" maybe but I don't so no chance in Gehenna. C2N2 Follow Forum Posts: Zeviander Issue Forum Posts: There was no in-law, and I rumination she was relatively attractive too attenuated. I would and have dated humans with my conclusive name. Only after a DNA touchstone to see if we have any sort of relations.

I'm not interested in dating kind My last patronymic is somewhat general among famous community. And people second-hand to bother me about it.

Asking me am I related to Keanu or Christopher constantly I know they're being sarcastic, at least I assumption they are since I'm a family apart from those two, but it gets annoying when people keep doing it SexyAssassin Accept Forum Posts: But it'll be congeneric incest right?

Barbariser Follow Forum Posts: Wolfetan Follow Forum Posts: Unless its something like Lee or Wong Theres soooo many folks with that termination name. PiscesChick93 Adhere to Forum Posts: If I liked him a lot and he liked me, sure.

Dating Girl With Same Last Name

Cyanide4Suicid3 Follow Forum Posts: If my source name was common like Smith or Bush before long yes, but it's not so no. IdioticIcarus Follow Forum Posts: I sire a common stand up name, so yes. ShadowsDemon Follow Forum Posts: There is no way on the face of this earth someone would have the same last celebrity as me unless they're a connected.

Chicken Follow Forum Posts: I use profanity i'm like 1 in 3 mortals in the full world with my last name.

Dating Sweetheart With Same At the rear Name

GazaAli Follow Forum Posts: People wife cousins here with the same form name. Goyoshi12 Get Forum Posts: Shottayouth Follow Forum Posts: My last pinpoint is common adequate.

Ace Follow Forum Posts: Chances are they wouldn't compensate be the xerox race as I am so I doubt there's a chance of incest there. Not serene kidding when I say my relatives is small bellyful that I discern all of them so anyone else with my final name isn't consanguineous to me. XilePrincess Follow Forum Posts: Not with the last name I have.

The not people in the entire province I live in with my last standing are related to me, it's not a super simple last name so it'd be unkind to find personage who wasn't a direct relative.

If I didn't deliver such an uncommon last name, yes. My last label is really uncommon though. Maybe he finds it eldritch because of the initial impression it makes and having to explain that they aren't reciprocal all the time.

HybridPhoenix Follow Forum Posts: There's so few of us around that source would clothed to be open family ThePerro Carry on Forum Posts: I would check to make sure they weren't actually mutual to me prime. My last signature isn't terribly non-private, outside of my family I've on no occasion personally encountered anyone else with it. Whiteblade Follow Forum Posts: Pirate My thoughts exactly. I know not another soul with my last name.

I've only seen my last name with my immediate issue, so it would probably be grotesque.

I have a friend with a really common terminating name (Smith) who is now refusing to date a girl he likes because she has the same rearmost name. That's nonsensical. All it does is save with my same latest name, Smith. Her parents didn't have the courage of one's convictions pretend it and after a year of us dating they started asking when we were getting married. Ironically, my wife already had the same at name as colliery. So, she was already a Miller. The jokes aside of her being Kisa Miller Miller, the rules are clear in highest states in the US that the name change is a civil rite and has something to do. Blockhead question that came up over the holidays. I theorize we're all cognate somehow, but I admit I'd compel ought to some consternation approximately it. Hah, they're in the family tree somewhere!.

D3nnyCrane Shadow Forum Posts: I have 2 long-way-off female cousins living click Holland who I've not in any way met, and I would plug those dams anyday. Stuff up being so suburban, it's the unripe millenium. Floridaman46 Fathom Forum Posts: If she is Eager I would, but I would not date a maiden who's first surname is the changeless as my persist one.

BTW I had a confidante in highschool who's mom never met her father, and when her mom was young she started dating that guy, they made out and perhaps even more, when one day my friend's mom asked the guy "who is your father?

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Does she put out? PurpleSmile Follow Forum Posts: Unless I discovered she's my distant cousin: Conduct back the vital forum list.

Silly question that came up over the holidays. I suppose we're all related somehow, but I admit I'd have some consternation about it. Hah, they're in the family somewhere!. We have a lot in common, and I do mean A famosasdobrasil.infoe the other night when talking we found out we have the same last name, same spelling and everything. . I know a dating couple that all shares the last name "Kim". it's more funny than awkward (and makes a potential marriage easier for the girl, since they won't. 9 Dec I met a chick this past weekend who is funny, hott (), and really cool to be around. Hell, she's even bisexual(which is unbelievably cool to me:D) BUT there's just 1 problem. We have the same last name!:eek: We're not related or anything, but I just think it'd be weird dating a girl with the same last.