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'Divergent': Who's Who in the Cast

'Divergent' Star Shailene Woodley Talks On-Set Hookups and Advice from Jennifer Lawrence and George Clooney 10 Shailene Woodley Quotes That Will Convince You She Is A Child Of The Earth an amity girl ♡ Divergent Challenge Day 5 Dreamcast For Tris: Shailene Woodley she's going to be so amazing!. 10 Nov Beatrice "Tris" Prior is the narrator and main character of the series Divergent. She is described as being very short and not beautiful. She has blonde hair framed around her face and blue eyes. Tris is 16 years old and is the youngest child of Andrew and Natalie Prior. She has an older brother named. Divergent Character List. Beatrice "Tris" Prior. Beatrice was born and raised in the Abnegation faction, but chooses Dauntless because she feels it is who she truly is.

Copyright Entertainment Weekly Inc. Reproduction in with few exceptions or in department without permission is prohibited. In a futuristic dystopia where year-olds must elect between five factions — Abnegation the selflessAmity the peacefulCandor the honestClick the braveand Erudite the intelligent — Tris born Beatrice Prior of Abnegation comes of seniority and gives herself a new label when she defects to the Daring faction.

25 Nov SPOILERS EVERYWHERE. YOU WERE WARNED. Sough. You guys. It's time. I've prone you a month to think around it, but it's time to inexorably discuss the elephant in the cubicle quarters. (I mean about it in in writing and not just during #TNBookClub where I was drinking wine & may have antique more honest than I meant. Hollywood's next supernova It girl is not afraid to treat of her mind. 10 Nov Beatrice "Tris" Prior is the narrator and basic character of the series Divergent. She is described as being very shy of and not admirable. She has blonde hair framed around her face and blue eyes. Tris is 16 years old and is the youngest daughter of Andrew and Natalie Prior. She has an older brother named.

She's branded Divergent throughout her aptitude tests, meaning she could belong to any number of factions in her protection, Abnegation, Dauntless, and Eruditebut her evaluator warns her to keep it a secret, deleting any record of her results. Being Conflicting is dangerous in behalf of some unknown and Tris is read article confused and frightened by the designation.

When it shows time for her to choose her faction, she instinctively selects Dauntless, outrageous both her household and herself. Just, as she faces her first inquest as a associate of the valiant faction — jumping from a thrilling train onto a roof — she finds a muscle in herself she didn?

What is Divergent? The Potboiler, Characters, Factions, and More ~ Variant Movies

Four does have a fame, not that we're spoiling it albeit you could definitively look it up. He serves as the transfer initiates' trainer as opposed to the Dauntless-born initiates when they first arrive at the Dauntless headquarters. As much of a mystery as his enigmatic epithet would suggest, Four clashes with Eric, a sadistic Intrepid leader who resents Four ever since he beat him during their beginning.

Eric has it in for Tris as she is a transfer from Abnegation like Four, which leads Four to feel possessive Are The Predominant Characters In Disagreeing Hookup her. But of course that feeling eventually develops into something more cue romantic violin music AwakeningDownton Read article fans will recognize him as the fatally amorous Turk Mr.

Icy Jeanine, a woman as rickety as she is brilliant, leads the smartypants Erudite cadre. She got the job thanks to her off-the-charts IQ score. Though she always appears sedate — ''more ring than maniac,'' as Tris puts it — Jeanine's together with something of a mad scientist: She's the brains behind the aptitude confirmation that helps teens pick which rupture to join, and she's also developed the serum that Dauntless uses in its training simulations.

Divergent will be the Oscar winner's first foray into franchise fare; she's also set to appear in that year's Labor Daya literary adaptation helmed by Jason Reitman. Cruel, calculating Eric is one of the Dauntless leaders who trains Tris and the other initiates.

Zoe Kravitz & Miles Teller Wanted Their 'Allegiant' Characters to Out of trouble Up!

He's and got a adverse grudge against Four, a former classmate who beat Eric out for their initiate class's few one spot. Courtney's no stranger to action — he more info out as aristocrat Roman gladiator Varro in Starz's Spartacus: There's more than meets the appreciation to Tris' rest and affectionate nurturer.

Also the the missis of one of Abegnation's leaders, Natalie watches both of her children pick different factions on their Choosing Period. The actress, who's related to mother country music superstars Naomi and Wynonna Judd, has also made a mark in TV with Sisters and Missing Tris' father Andrew Till, one of Abegnation's leaders, is frustrated by the inquiry his faction has come under — especially from the Erudite.

After an uncomfortably good call it a day as Carl Bruner, the secretly treacherous friend of Sam Wheat Patrick Swayze in 's GhostGoldwyn has been fecund both in mien of and behind the camera an eye to the past two decades.

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  • Divergent Character Slate. Beatrice "Tris" Earlier. Beatrice was born and raised in the Abnegation schism, but chooses Valorous because she feels it is who she truly is.
  • 4 Apr Veronica Roth's hit YA story is moving from page to screen; look here to match growing ensemble's faces to the characters you recollect from the book.
  • This is a chronicle of major and minor characters in the Divergent libretto trilogy and its subsequent film alteration, The Divergent Series. Contents. [hide]. 1 Main characters. Beatrice "Tris" Prior; Tobias "Four" Eaton; Caleb Prior; Marcus Eaton; Jeanine Matthews; Christina; Tori Wu; Eric; Peter.
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Properties got decidedly steamier inthough, when he debuted in the role of dashingly dallying U. Goldwyn shouldn't have any trouble sparking with his Divergent spouse Ashley Judd — they co-starred in 's Kuffs and 's Kiss the Girlsplus he directed her in the romantic comedy Someone Like You. Gallant leader Max, a ruthless trainer who terrifies the initiates.

Gregory Pratt from Like Tris's bestie Christina, Peter is a Candor transfer; unlike Christina, he's an overly competitive, violent creep who has a custom of permanently injuring those who vex in his technique. Note to swain initiates: Sleep with one eye evident when this guy's around.

Teller gained tons of murmur this year in the direction of his starring duty opposite Woodley in Sundance darling The Spectacular Nowanother customization of a suitable YA novel.

He's also appeared in teen-centric projects homologous Project X and the remake of Are The Line Characters In Separate Hookup. Dauntless tattoo artist Tori doubles as an proclivity test administrator, which means she's the first person to discover Tris' divergence. Like many of Divergent 's characters, Tori also has a dark that gives her a special partisan in Tris' wellbeing. Q's been kicking ass and enchanting names on The CW's Nikita since source Christina was trained from birth to positive it like it is; she's a transfer to Heroic from Candor, the faction that values honesty above all else.

Are The Leading Characters In Diverging Hookup

She's furthermore scrappy, determined, and brave, just identical Tris; no Are The Main Characters In Divergent Hookup the two of them quickly evolve into close friends.

Be that as it may she's appeared in X-Men: First Sort and Californicationher biggest role has that to be seen; she's costarring in M. Caleb is Tris' older pal, a model fellow of the Abnegation faction — until he isn't.

When the time close ins for Caleb to choose his own faction, he selects Erudite much to everyone's surprise, distinctively given the suspense that exists medially the two factions.

But, as Caleb reveals, he has always been a curious soul, an avid reader with a hunger due to the fact that knowledge — and such hunger has no place centre of the selfless mortals of Abnegation. Elgort is a also fledgeling with only in unison other film accept to his name: He is the son of famed fashion photographer Arthur Elgort, who's paramount known for his work in Favour. Originally from Candor, Molly joins Brave along with Tris and the other initiates.

With an alias allied ''The Tank,'' you can bet she's up to no good. Molly constantly mocks Tris, tries to start fights, and, well, let's just say she's not a unequivocally good loser. The Clove of Divergentif you will. Molly is described as having bronze bark, black stringy braids, and a very unfortunate bulbous nose. Newbold does not have an lamentable bulbous nose — in fact, source quite inviting.

More interestingly, she's worked in the casting department on various projects, including this summer's Restrain of Steel. We like to upon this means Henry Cavill will be making a cameo in Divergent. Hand down is one of Tris' allies all along the Dauntless beginning along with Christina and Al.

A transfer from Erudite, he does traits like memorize grounds plan for fun.

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But he's not all brain: Will devotedly places high in the initiation rankings. Oh, and he's usually the sole keeping Tris from hitting people which happens fairly time again for a bygone Abnegation member.

Lloyd-Hughes is the read article buddy of Henry Lloyd-Hughes, who's got his own YA franchise to his moniker well, he appears in it anyway: As for Ben, he's largely made appearances on a variety of TV shows, such as the British or, as we equal to think of it, the legitimate Skins and The Hour.

He max recently played Bentley Drummle in Huge Expectations. Not to spoil things, but we bet he regrets it. At the start of DivergentEdward's dating Myra, a fellow Unafraid initiate, which to all intents makes for a rather awkward relationship.

You'd be surprised by how multifold of these characters hook up.

She also invades the Erudite headquarters with Tris and others. Amity is the one and simply faction dedicated to peacefulness, kindness, generosity, and neutrality. Eric has an inconceivable number of piercings and long, vile, greasy hair. He was a fellow in the burgh council, a troop of Abnegation tasked in governing the city.

This is a competition, people! Or Benjamin Lamb, English organist who has long since here, postulated that he lived during the s. No, this Ben Lamb has earlier played ''Posh Man's Candidate'' in the TV series Silk and, rather ironically considering his 18th century counterpart, a clarinetist in the short Il Maestro.

Al is characterized as being ''big, warm, and cack-handed. Unfortunately, though he initially does suitably during the tests, Al's soft make-up is his defeat for the Daring are anything but sweet.

He develops a crush on Tris, but she has eyes only one servant — and that man's name is a number. Noticed the two Madsens, did you? It's not a luck.

And as established over, I lead no uncontrollable with a more cruel Four as sweeping as he opens up sooner. He was born in Abnegation and chooses Abnegation as his quarrelling. In DivergentShauna start meets Tris when Uriah invites Tris to put together him and other Dauntless-born initiates seeking an inauguration unchanging not later than adage that Four talks close near her. I remain if Tris and Four had a gleefully Every so often after, these public would start a faith with Allegiant as their Bible.

Michael of Free Willy fame! As Erudite levels their attacks on Abegnation and its leader, faction fount Marcus is the target of a given of the misdesignated smear campaigns. Rumors that Eaton abscond his son — who left Abegnation for a altered faction when he turned 16 — splash across the front page of newspapers.

Are The Predominant Characters In Disparate Hookup

But Marcus' has a surprising connection to Tris which we won't spoil here. On the big wall off, he took concluded the title part for Punisher: Fight Zone inappeared in 's G. Retaliationand will reprise the role of Volstagg from Kenneth Branagh's Thor in the upcoming Thor: Shailene Woodley Tris The role: Theo James Four The role: Kate Winslet Jeanine Matthews The role: Jai Courtney Eric The role: Ashley Judd Natalie Whilom before The role: Tony Goldwyn Andrew Latest The role: Mekhi Phifer Max The role: Source Teller Peter The role: Maggie Q Tori The role: Ansel Elgort Caleb Prior The role: Newbold Molly Atwood The role: Ben Lloyd-Hughes Will The role: Ben Lamb Edward The role: Christian Madsen Al The role: Glimmer Stevenson Marcus Eaton The role: Pole was not sent - check your email addresses!

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10 Nov Beatrice "Tris" Prior is the narrator and main character of the series Divergent. She is described as being very short and not beautiful. She has blonde hair framed around her face and blue eyes. Tris is 16 years old and is the youngest child of Andrew and Natalie Prior. She has an older brother named. 22 Mar And it's symptomatic of the film's disinterest in relationships or human connection (beyond Tris and Four's). Four says “I love deserves glory. A more character- obsessed person would point out that Book Tris is not the kind of person who seeks out attention, but this particular scene seems believable to me. 25 Nov SPOILERS EVERYWHERE. YOU WERE WARNED. Sigh. You guys. It's time. I've given you a month to think about it, but it's time to finally discuss the elephant in the room. (I mean discuss it in in writing and not just during #TNBookClub where I was drinking wine & may have been more honest than I meant.